My name is

Angie Murenga

Angie Murenga is a multi-talented, multi-faceted visionary leader, provocative thinker and entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Kingdom Business Solutions (KBS), an ordained minister, a Global ICF Certified Executive Leadership and Life Coach in the marketplace. She is an Author of PLF manual (and soon to be released The Real You book), a Mentor, an Inspirational Speaker and a Mother.

Angie is the host and executive producer of Just Angie, a digital platform. She is also the lead trainer at the Purpose and Leadership Forum (PLF) – now available online, a programme that sets one on a journey of self-discovery towards their purpose and understanding of the privilege of leadership. The programme has recently gone online. She has trained over 1000 marketplace leaders with diverse global reach in the African continent and beyond.

She has facilitated talks and discussions on leadership and mentorship with various organizations such as; Britam, HP, Oracle, Citibank, Barclays, Nairobi Bottlers, SAP, Rwanda Development Board, Lifesprings International Ministry, Nation Media Group and Bamburi Cement.


Angie Murenga is a woman in purpose on a mission to execute her God given vision. Her strong brand communicates ‘trailblazer’ – she is a pioneer, an innovator and a ground breaker blazing the trail for many market place leaders in Kenya and beyond. She is instrumental in defining leadership culture for decades to come by continuously impacting generations.

Angie is a strong proponent of mentorship and coaching. She invests her time and energy in coaching those who come into contact with her towards achieving their best potential; so they can grow personally and execute their God-given purpose which translates into the market place, the Kenyan, African and global economy.

Angie lives a transparent life of accountability shown in her teaching skills. She promotes the need for people to connect with each other as a way of accelerating purpose.

Angie lives a transparent life of accountability and through sharing her life authentically; shown in her teaching skills. She promotes the need for people to connect with each other as a way of accelerating purpose.

Angie is a seasoned market place leader. Having worked for successful African brands, she understands the market place. In her time in the marketplace as corporate career woman, her thoughts on purpose and leadership began to crystallize and her own self-discovery journey started.

Angie’s 1st protégé is her daughter Althea, who besides bringing her enormous joy and personal fulfilment, has been her life teacher and student at the same time. Their journey of tears, laughter and love gives her moral standing to advice, correct, mentor and teach from a parenting perspective. Althea is a perfect example of what a lifetime of coaching and mentorship creates and how it impacts the next generation positively.

Angie Murenga is recognized as an ethical leader and in 2016, was awarded as one of five ethical leaders by the Executive Leadership Network (ELNET), after undertaking a thorough assessment process conducted by ELNET. In addition, she was recognized at the awards ceremony as the first pastor to ever submit to the assessment and to be awarded.


In 2016, Angie Murenga was awarded the Mark of Ethical Leadership Network (ELNET)of Kenya. This award recognizes her as a leader of integrity who is educating, mentoring, empowering and creating wealth through ethical business in Kenya. She was also recognized as the first Pastor to ever submit to the survey process and to be awarded.

Angie Murenga received the award after undergoing a perception survey based on various ethical statements developed by ELNET. She attained the 80% criteria threshold by achieving 94% in the perception survey.